Freelance Master Course

$233 $89



5+ Hours of Expert Video Instruction


8 Powerful Modules Designed to Help You Succeed


125 Detailed Slides Filled with Innovative Information


Lifetime Unlimited Access 


Course Outline:

  • The course is about 5 1/2 hours of narrated powerpoints/samples/etc.

  • I have the price at $89, but I literally change it in both directions every day because I can’t decide what’s right.

  • I give people the first module free without an email/payment method/signing up/etc.

Module 1 – Course Overview [~ 29 min.]

  • Can I Really Make Money as a Freelance Writer?

  • What is Freelance Writing?

  • Overview of the Course Modules

Module 2 – Writing Content for the Web [~ 27 min.]

  • Types of Content Companies Pay For

  • Current Hot Industries (Including Expected Pay Ranges)

  • The Differences Between Web Content and Traditional Writing

Module 3 – How and Where to Find Freelance Writing Work [~ 43 min.]

  • Effectively Using Third-Party Platforms to Your Advantage

  • Direct Approach Strategies

  • Setting Up Your External Profiles

Module 4 – Building Your Portfolio (The Right Way) [~ 29 min.]

  • Essential Elements of a Successful Portfolio

  • What to Do When You Are Just Starting Out

  • The Piggybacking Jobs Strategy

Module 5 – Pitching and Interacting with Clients [~ 47 min.]

  • Pitches and Proposals That Actually Get the Job

  • Negotiating Pay – Options and Strategies

  • The Correct Level of Client Communication

  • Dealing With a Difficult Client and Changes of Scope

Module 6 – How to Actually Write Web Content [~ 38 min.]

  • Web Content vs. Traditional “School-type” Writing

  • The Process From A to Z

  • Effective Research – Working With Topics You Know and Topics You Don’t Know

  • The Editing and Revision Process

Module 7 – Logistics and Managing Your Workload [~ 28 min.]

  • Managing Due Dates and Expectations

  • Taxes, 1099s, and Quarterly Payments

  • Writing Off Expenses

  • Helpful Third-Party Products and Services

Module 8 – Critical Keys to Success [~ 55 min.]

  • The 10 Commandments of Grammar

  • Most Common Mistakes Made by New and Experienced Freelance Writers

  • The Keys to Continued Growth

  • Getting Started Today – A Road Map For Success